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Project Ready-mix in Abu Dhabi


This project has all ingredients of an interactive internet game:

  • The Company: a producer of Read-mix concrete, with
       -    22 plants,
       -    20 mobile pumps,
       -  450 concrete Ready-mix trucks, equipped with GPS
  • The market: a booming construction sector in the UAE (United Arab Emirates), with high demand for skyscrapers, highways and bridges
  • The actors within the Concrete Company: Managers, Planning and Sales teams, plant workers and Truck Drivers
  • The products: different types and qualities of Ready-mix 
  • The events: orders or order inquiries from customers break downs (of plant, pump and truck); traffic jams, lack of human resources…

The basic goal of the Company is to generate profit and this starts by using the existing capacities. The Company needs enough orders to fill its order book, cover fix costs and break even. Its planning team and decision makers need real time snapshots of the operations, resources and financial figures as a basis for founded decisions. They input and when necessary adapt their priorities, such as costs, lead times, margins and earnings and get immediate scheduling of the production and distribution. This is valued as a strong competitive advantage. For the evaluation of scenarios, they use “What-if” analyses.

Ready-mix orders can be complex and difficult to manage. One order might indeed relate to different types of concrete - thus call for the use of different plants, pumps and mixer trucks - and also require simultaneous or sequential delivery to various places.

The company’s software manages the order nets. It has an execution control module, which automatically regulates the pumps according to the orders orderly scheduled and to detected unexpected events. Such an event could be a sudden traffic jam, which would hinder the timely distribution of Ready-mix long enough to drastically reduce its quality and make it inappropriate for the originally sought construction site. As a consequence a new load of concrete would have to be produced and delivered on an urgent basis for the customer still waiting. The existing load would have to be sold as low-grade or discarded.

The Company responds to last minute order inquiries and so communicates to its customers that it is willing to do the necessary extra work and go the extra mile, which of course needs to be paid for. The software’s speed and strong mathematics-based optimizations supports a clever pricing and produces immediate update of production and distributions plans.

The interactivity of the software solution allows all actors within the Company to cooperate “in real time”: The salesman coordinates with the planner while negotiating with the customers. He can fix a special entry price for a new customer or answer an urgent inquiry for a very large or unusual order, with full visibility of their impact on the business. Thus, the atmosphere within the Company is calm and professional. Before planners needed hours to adjust their operations plans and evaluate feasibility and attractiveness of new orders. When customers expected prompt answers, the salesmen had to guess. Their answer often proved suboptimal.

In this game, apixxo In-Memory Software is the decisive means to optimize the whole supply chain. Its ability to process huge quantity of data in real time helps plan the capacities, avoid bottlenecks, manage all resources and optimize costs and delays.

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